Book Review: Food Truths, Food Lies

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Book Review: Food Truths, Food Lies

Food Truths, Food Lies, written by family physician Eric Marcotte, M.D., may be the most refreshingly evidence-based diet book of the decade. You will not find a single mention of super-foods, magical berries, or supplement “must-haves” in the entire book. What you will find is the cold, hard truth about why many Americans are overweight, and what it takes to become a healthy eater.

Marcotte writes for the average American – his simple language, matter-of-fact tone, and regular reminders of what the reader has learned, make for a quick and memorable read. Although it’s clear that Marcotte has carefully distilled his dietary advice from the scientific literature, he refrains from burdening the reader with too many footnotes and references. Instead, he has created a kind of Cliff’s Notes of nutrition, having done the “heavy sifting” for us. What remains are the most basic principles underlying all healthy eating, such as:

*You can’t exercise your way to weight loss (i.e. you can’t outrun your own mouth – it’s much easier to eat more calories than you burn)

*Healthy eating involves limiting intake of refined carbohydrates

*We must learn to read food labels (especially note the serving size being referenced!)

*People eat far more calories than they think they do.

*Slow metabolism is not to blame for the vast majority of weight problems.

*Juice is not a healthy food choice.

Anyone who is overweight and serious about changing their eating habits would benefit from Food Truths, Food Lies. Having the courage to look at our food misconceptions is the first step to embracing a long-term weight management strategy that works. If you’re ready and motivated to change, then this book is for you!

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