Grail Springs Holistic Detox For Body, Mind & Spirit

Healthe Book Review

Grail Springs Holistic Detox For Body, Mind & Spirit

As our awareness expands and we begin to understand and respect the need to take serious care of our health and well-being, there are many books out there today to help us on our journey in all areas of our wellness.

However, some clearly stand out more than others in their worth and value. What stands out for me in a really good book is a deep holistic focus and practical aspect. There are many other topics and areas of life where it is fun to be philosophical and theorize. When it comes to health and wellness, a practical aspect is what makes the difference. We need to walk the talk, not just talk it.

One such book is Madeleine Marentette’s Grail Springs Holistic Detox. This is a book that is true to its word in that it focuses on our holistic being as a whole. Aside from being highly practical, the cornerstone property of this book to address healing, health and wellness, is a mind, body and spirit foundation. This has become the basis of how I see optimal health today. There can be no optimal health without addressing, balancing and brining harmony to these three key areas of our being.

And so it is a great pleasure to share with you all my thoughts and experience with this book, as I know the great potential it has to help so many people, on so many levels. It can help you further understand yourself as a holistic being. It can help you understand or take part in a detox program. It can help you understand the mind-body connection in the creation of disease. And it can help you live your best life ever, full of the perfect health and wellness that each one of us deserves.

Madeleine is an author, speaker, spiritual guide, founder and creator of the Grail Springs—Canada’s leading holistic health and wellness retreat centre. Throughout her life, Madeleine studied art history, architectural design, Raja yoga, and various spiritual, metaphysical, holistic and health disciplines. Today, Madeleine architects numerous wellness programs both locally at the Grail Springs and internationally, through her newly launched Grail Global Village. Attracting visitors worldwide, Madeleine lives by and shares with others how to live a healthy, vibrant and brilliant life through diet, exercise and reflection. She has dedicated her life of service towards people, planet and the sacred animal kingdom. She is always active in speaking, co-creating with others, creating green forums and spiritual retreats to raise awareness on environmental sustainability, social justice, spiritual fulfillment, and the protection of animals and their welfare worldwide.

an exploration of Madeleine’s personal health journey, how and why she was called to natural and holistic modalities, and the start of Grail Springs

understanding what is wellness, the mind’s role in the creation of health and disease, understanding energy’s role in our being, the 7 Grail essentials for a brilliant and vibrant life.

a thorough exploration of various nutritional detox regimens, and the Acid-Alkaline balance, including recipes from the Grail kitchen.

an exploration of various external detox regimens, including skin brushing, saunas, mud baths, colonics, salt baths, as well as proper sleeping, breathing, water intake, body work and exercise.

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