Best Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness Books for Children

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Best Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness Books for Children

Thanks to the awakening and shift in consciousness on our planet, today we can all enjoy a plethora of resources to enlighten, liberate and inspire us. This also includes resources for children, including numerous books that can teach children healthy habits, positive thinking.

critical problem solving and self-empowerment techniques. In this essay I share with you a selection of books that are amongst some of my top picks for children’s mind-body-spirit wellnessOver the last few decades, amidst the age of information, we have had an influx of resources for every area of our life. From health and spirituality, to career and relationship topics, there is something out there for everyone to inspire positive thought and action. While it is wonderful that many of us adults, are making use of all the valuable material available to live the best life we can, we cannot forget about the youngest ones amongst us. As we continue to expand our consciousness on both an individual and collective level, we have to take into consideration the evolution of the modern-age child.

The children who are coming into this world today are often coming equipped with a heightened sense of awareness about themselves and their world. They are also being born into a day and age that is facing some of its greatest challenges, but also experiencing some of its greatest evolutionary advances. The children of today show a deeper sense of understanding when it comes to making connections between the mind, body and sprit. They are often more evolved when it comes to both spiritual maturity and physical integrity. They are more sensitive, more intuitive and more conscious of our energetic nature. There is no doubt that as our planet continues to transform on the many levels of its being, whether by force or by choice, the children of today are taking a greater initiative and role in being part of the solutions, rather than the problems.

As adults, we have the option to take advantage of the abundant amount of material for positive change, so that we can cultivate optimal wellness and quality of life. We need the same, when it comes to high quality resources, for our children. For years, we have accepted books (and other resources) for our children that illustrated and exemplified violence, fear and oppression. Just recall any famous story you grew up with. We tried to teach the children what we knew, what we thought life was like, but only because that is what was taught to us. We didn’t know any better. Today we do. Life need not be hard, or riddled with diseases, challenges and insecurities. Life is also not about finding salvation, or happiness, or approval from outside. We need to start with ourselves and the power within each one of us.

Today we are making a shift in how we interact and live with each other, and all living beings on this planet. It is time to retire the bad witches, warlocks and wolves. It is time to adopt intellectually stimulating, mind expanding, heart opening and spirit evolving material for our children. Material in the form of books that inspire healthy, compassionate and positive life choices to benefit their quality of life, and that of others. What we teach our children, and how we inspire and empower them, will make all the difference when it comes to the quality of life they have and state of things on our planet. This is why it is my pleasure to share with you several high quality resources for children in the form of books that exist to do just that. Perhaps the next time you are looking for a random resource, or a special gift for a child in your life, you will consider these resources and make a positive contribution to the life of the child and our world.

Green Smoothie Magic is written by Victoria Boutenko, and illustrated by Katya Korobkina. Victoria is the mother of the Raw Family. She is an author, teacher, inventor, researcher, artist and mother of three. For several decades now, she has been an active voice in the natural health and optimal nutrition movement. One of her main passions is teaching people about the unbeatable, healing and outstanding nutrition of greens (leafy greens and green vegetables). She teaches classes on healthy living and raw food all over the world, and has inspired thousands of people to drink and share green smoothies. It is from this passion that Victoria’s book Green Smoothie Magic for children was born, to help cultivate positive eating habits and healthy choices for children.

We are struggling today with nutrient deficient foods and unhealthy eating habits, which are passed down to our children since they are babies. Many families however are choosing to turn things around, take back their health and create a new generation of health conscious citizens. Whether you are just starting out as a family, or are already seasoned health enthusiasts, this book can provide a fun and informative resource for children, and help them understand the power of greens.

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