Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition

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Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition

Every so often there comes a book that is a true legend of its time. A book that dives into real facts and exposes truths that most ignore. A book that inspires analytical thinking and promotes logical reasoning from a big picture perspective.

A book that opens our eyes and expands our minds to connect dots and cultivate a deeper understanding about the topic at hand. And when it comes to nutritional science, Whole - Rethinking the Science of Nutrition is one such book. A book that is a must read if we want to make sense of the nutritional landscape before us today.The field of nutrition today is far from what it was a few decades ago. What we have learned and researched, what has been proven on both a personal and collective level is leaps and bounds different compared to what we used to know. The landscape of nutritional science has vastly changed, yet most people, whether health or medical experts, as well as those in the general population are still operating from old paradigms where this vital area of life is concerned.

So perhaps it is no surprise to look around today and see not just small communities or developed nations, but a world in nutritional crisis. Chronic rates of disease are at all time highs, excess weight is more common than being fit, obesity is considered a disease, pharmaceutical medications are a daily part of life for many, and we are completely disconnected from knowing how to feed ourselves properly. But how did we get here? How did things get so far removed from the balance and perfection with which nature and all of her species operate?

To help us understand this issue and answer such questions comes along Whole - Rethinking the Science of Nutrition written by renowned nutrition expert Dr. Colin Campbell, along with coauthor Howard Jacobson. Whole is a book that covers the topics of “whole food” and “wholistic science” by giving us the “whole” picture. Due to the tremendous impact that this book is bound to have on our society, as well as your life, it is my immense pleasure to share with you why this book should be essential reading for anyone interested in increasing their awareness to make sense of our modern food, nutrition and medical systems.

Explains why we cannot use isolated compounds in supplements or isolate nutrients and think we are doing a good thing for our body, or anything equivalent to the efficacy of whole food.Shares about the impacts of the reductionist infiltration in the field of alternative health.Provides an examination of top supplement studies, including vitamin E, omega-3 and beta-carotene.Explains how nutrients do not act alone, and when they act alone, they act improperly

Explains how animal food production is a waste of resources with links to unsustainability and global climate change.Shares about the UN Report findings that show animal food production is the worst for climate health.Shares about the implications of animal food with respect to animal cruelty, testing, farming methods and human poverty.

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